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A World Without Waste

Our story began in the 1970s when the Svartsengi Resource Park came to life. An unintended benefit of the plant’s eco-friendly energy production was an enchanting reservoir that formed in the lava field beside the facility. No one knew it at the time, but this humble expanse signaled the dawn of the Blue Lagoon—and the birth of a wonder of the world.

Today, sustainability echoes through every dimension of the Blue Lagoon universe. Let’s take a closer look at Blue Lagoon’s quest for a world without waste.

The Zero-Waste Geothermal Ecocycle

From the geothermal seawater that fills the famous lagoon and enables Blue Lagoon Skincare, to the steam that generates heat and electricity, to the recycling of CO2, every vector of the Svartsengi Resource Park's output empowers Blue Lagoon's operations. And when all energy has been harvested, the water itself sinks back into the subterranean aquifers from which it came, reentering the geothermal ecocycle.

Additionally, a pioneering carbon capture method developed at the R&D center transforms CO2—a greenhouse gas resulting from geothermal energy production—into sustenance for the cultivation of microalgae for use in Blue Lagoon Skincare. Blue Lagoon is the only company in the world that uses CO2 in this manner.

Sustainably Sourced Skincare

Green production methods pioneered at the R&D center are used for isolating, cultivating, and harvesting the signature bioactive elements of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater: silica, minerals, and algae. This trinity of natural wonders is the fulcrum of Blue Lagoon Skincare, which has evolved from a single product—the iconic Silica Mud Mask, released in 1995—into three distinct lines: Spa, Derma, and BL+. The Spa line enables you to experience the skin-nourishing marvels of the Blue Lagoon from the comfort of home. Derma brings therapeutic relief to chronically dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. And BL+ targets signs of skin aging and optimizes skin health through high-performance formulas born of cutting-edge biotechnology and groundbreaking ingredient powerhouse BL+ COMPLEX.

Recognized for our Commitment

Named Icelandic Environmental Company of the Year for 2021 by the Confederation of Icelandic Employers, Blue Lagoon is a paragon of renewable energy, representing the fertile synthesis of eco-friendly health, hospitality, and wellbeing.

Blue lagoon Microalgae, Blue Lagoon Silica, and Blue Lagoon Seawater are COSMOS-approved ingredients. The BL+ The Serum and BL+ Eye Serum formulas are of 100% natural origin and contain only COSMOS NATURAL – approved ingredients. BL+ The Serum and BL+ Eye Serum are COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert – one of the strictest environmental standard that exists for cosmetic formulations and recyclable packaging. Likewise, BL+ received the Elle 2021 Green Beauty Stars award, an honor bestowed on innovative brands in the field of sustainable cosmetics.