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deep into skin

Influencer Morning Routine

Three Morning Rituals For Glowing Skin.

Rituals are actions performed in a prescribed way, often with the intention of bringing about some desired end. Take, for example, a morning routine. Research has shown that performing the same sequence of activities empowers you to go through each day with intention and clarity. A better outlook begins with a better morning. Similarly, a skincare routine performed with intention every morning sets you on a path to a healthy, radiant complexion. Three skincare devotees share how they incorporate BL+ into their own inspiring morning rituals, showing that glowing skin and a healthy mindset often go hand in hand.

“There is power in choosing how we start our day.”

From a cup of matcha to welcoming movement into her body, every moment is intentional for environmentalist and photographer Elana Loo (@elanaloo). “Starting my day with a clean slate and clean space gives me an immediate sense of accomplishment and clarity,” she says. “I can ask—how am I feeling?—and start my day from there.” Also integral to her mornings: “Showing my skin some love with clean, sustainably sourced skincare,” she says. The eco-minded Loo was first drawn to BL+Eye Serum & BL+The Serum because “they are made from microalgae and silica harvested from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland using sustainable and renewable methods,” she says. The results she saw quickly made her a devotee. “The formulas are structured in a way that emulates the composition of the cell membrane, allowing it to reach the deepest layers of the skin and promote collagen production,“ she explains. While there is no one-size-fits-all ritual, Loo reminds us that, “There is power in choosing how we start our days!”

“Good morning—this is your reminder to love your skin!”

One look at Vanessa Oblinksy’s (@vanessa_oblinsky) flawless complexion and it’s crystal clear that this is a routine to follow. The San Diego-based style-setter and mother of three is diligent about incorporating serums into her skincare regimen—and supercharging them with a lifting facial massage. “I recently learned about facial lymphatic drainage massages and I’m hooked!” she says. “Using a good serum when doing this, makes it so much better and I feel like I tend to see better results from the serums when I’m consistent.” Lately, Oblinsky has been using BL+ Eye Serum and BL+ The Serum. “They’re really great to use when doing my massages and the benefits are incredible! My skin feels super hydrated, plump and glowy.”

“My secret to glowy, youthful-looking skin.”

“I love all things skincare. I’ll lather on just about anything that promises brighter, tighter, and more youthful-looking skin,” says wellness and style guru Arielle Lorre (@ariellelorre). So often, Lorre finds that the products she tries don’t live up to the hype. “I’ve tested a lot of skincare products, most of which fall short of their overtouted promises or my high expectations,” she says. But after using BL+ The Serum for a week, she was “completely hooked.” What made this experience so unique? “I’ve noticed my skin feeling more hydrated on a cellular level, making my overall complexion more radiant and glowy,” she says. “Not only was my skin firmer, more hydrated, and radiant (everything I look for in a good skincare product) but I was blown away by their commitment to clean and sustainable formulations.” Now Lorre starts her day with BL+ The Serum—and little else. “While it might be controversial, I don’t use a moisturizer,” she says. “Believe it or not, my skin has never felt more hydrated ever since I made the switch.