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What does it mean to have "dull skin"?

The definition of the word "dull" is something that lacks brightness; and having dull skin means exactly this. Dull skin has a tired and flat appearance, lacks sheen and may also have an uneven tone. A dull complexion also means that the skin lacks color, it appears flat and tired. This lack of natural glow and moisture, tends to also emphasize wrinkles and make signs of aging more noticeable.

What are the causes of dull skin?

There are multiple causes behind dull skin. The most common reason is dehydration: skipping moisturizer will cause excessive dryness in the skin, affecting its health and appearance. Dryness goes hand in hand with dullness, especially in the cold winter months. Another common cause for dull skin is the build-up of dead skin cells; sometimes the skin is not able to shed them on its own and therefore they accumulate on the top layer of the skin, making your complexion look flat, dull, and also flakey.

What is the best skincare for getting rid of dull skin?

To properly get rid of dullness it is important to understand what is causing it. Regardless, a good skincare routine with the right products can radically change the appearance of your complexion and prevent dullness. First and foremost: hydration. The most important part of a skincare care routine is moisturizer and the first cause of dullness is lack of moisture. Make sure to apply a nutrient rich moisturizer twice a day, morning and night on cleansed skin. Speaking of cleansing, to keep your complexion bright, it is also important to properly cleanse twice a day, and in the evening, it is absolutely paramount to remove all traces of makeup. Lastly, but not in order of importance, exfoliation is key in avoiding the buildup of dead skin cells, another very common cause behind dull skin. Gently exfoliating once a week, with the help of a mild acid like BHA or AHA, will remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover, revealing a new layer of bright and radiant skin.

Can healthy habits help prevent dull skin?

Aside from a correct skincare routine, having healthy lifestyle can also improve the skin's appearance and prevent dullness. Like for many other skin concerns, a healthy diet rich in leafy greens, vegetables and fruits plays a crucial role in skin health. Sleep is another major factor that is directly linked to dullness: while sleeping, the skin detoxes and renews itself, eliminating toxins and repairing any damage. Lastly, skin hydration does not only come from applying moisturizer, it also comes from the water that we drink. Therefore, it is very important to drink enough water during the day, as well as replenish hydration levels after a workout or during the hot summer months.