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Signs of Aging




What are signs of aging?

Every person ages differently depending on various factors such as genetics and lifestyle but, generally speaking, the first signs of aging start to appear after the age of 25, when the body starts to naturally produce less collagen and gradually starts losing elasticity. With time, the skin also produces less oils, becoming more and more fragile, dry and less plump. The first noticeable signs of aged skin usually manifest around the age of 30 with fine lines and gradually progress with age into more deep wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity.

What areas are more pronte to aging?

Some areas of about body are more delicate and susceptible to signs of aging. On the face, the most vulnerable area is definitely the eye area; in fact, the skin around our eyes is made up of very thin layers and therefore, is very delicate and not very elastic. Facial expressions, such as squinting, make this area even more prone to developing fine lines. Another area that is affected by age is the mouth and lip area; same as for the eyes, facial expressions, like smiling, play a crucial role in the onset of wrinkles. In the rest of the body, signs of aging usually appear on the neck, also called “the second face” and the back of the hands.

Can proper skincare delay aging?

Aging is a natural process that is not avoidable but there are some things that we may do to delay it, as well as avoid aging prematurely. The first and most important part of delaying signs of aging is having a proper and consistent skincare routine. It is crucial to keep skin nourished by using products such as the new BL+ The Cream: a rich, nourishing formula designed specifically to combat fine lines and wrinkles and improve firmness. Along with a rich moisturizing cream, it is advisable to incorporate anti-oxidants, in the form of serums and face oils to combat free radicals and slow down cell aging. About once a week it is recommended to exfoliate the skin with a mild acid toner such as AHA; this will remove dead skin cells, revealing new glowing skin, and increase cell turnover.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle plays a crucial role in preventing premature aging of the skin. Thus, it is important to limit alcohol consumption, avoid smoking, avoid harsh and prolonged sun exposure and always wear sunscreen (at least SPF 30). Things like exercising regularly and eating nutritious whole foods, such a seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit, can greatly improve skin health and help you maintain youthful skin in the long run.